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13 September 2008

Alaska Earmarks

I came across the State of Alaska Fiscal year 2009 Request for Federal Approprations. Why is this important? John McCain has said that he wants to cut pork out of Washington, which is a catchy phrase that has some credence. Sarah Palin has been labelled as a conservative who wants to eliminate pork. McCain has sighted his elimination of a $3,000,000 request from the State of Montana to study the deer population in Montana as an example of his elimination of pork. My question for Mr. McCain would be how does he feel about spending $3,200,000 next year researching sea lions in Alaska? What about $7,400,000 to light rural airports in Alaska? According to the Alaska Fiscal year 2009 Request for Federal Approprations submitted by the government of Alaska with the governnor's approval...these were requested items. The link is below.


I am not belittling most of these requests. As an environmentalist, I support many of them. My point is that the reform credentials John McCain espouses and claims his running mate espouses are not supported by the record of McCain and especially Palin.

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