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19 February 2009

Cartoon Thoughts

I would really like to know the thoughts of the readers of this blog on this cartoon. It was published in the New York Post. How do you interpret this?


Nomadic Richard


ckay said...

Looking at it at face value, in the pic are two white cops, one shooting a chimp at close range.... uummm just another bunch of poachers! But deeper on thought,it having been published in the NYP ..... maybe an assassination attempt to we all know who!...auch!

rdgs c

speaksbeliefs said...

The author/artist may be suffering from dysconscious racism, which is a limited perception of reality based on miseducation, causing restricted views of society and possibilities for social change. When someone is dysconscious, they do not question and cannot see any possibility for change in the status quo. This limiting view is the reason why the artist sticks with his cartoon and doesn't see what's wrong with it. ("Dysconscious Racism" is a term borrowed from Joyce E. King, the Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair of Urban Teaching, learning, and leadership at Georgia State University)

Anonymous said...

Well, I see two men shooting a monkey! I refuse to see it the way the cartoonist who from my opinion is myopic and rigid and is damn right afraid of change sees it.

You see the author probably has searched everywhere for defects in this new order but has found none, he is so confused as to why there isnt a major crisis and doesnt understand the general consensus thus to prove something to himself, he tries digging up old wounds outrightly, unfortunately hhis time ahas passed and his era has gone, the new era is here to stay.

The world has gone beyound this and we can now see man as man and not another specie or base our judgement by the colors of the earth. Yes we can!