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09 April 2009

Photos of the Rain Storms in Dubai

We had a lot of stormy weather last week here in the Gulf. The storms triggered sand storms here and a bit of rain. But in Dubai, there was a lot of rain as well lightning. Below are some of the pics of the lightning that struck the Burj Dubai Tower, the tallest building in the world.

I hope you enjoy these amazing photographs!


Nomadic Richard


Anonymous said...

I hope it has not cause alot of demages to the local people living around.

Anonymous said...

Wow!It is almost like a Hollywood movies scenes.Just like the " Independence day" where Will Smith fight some ETs. I hope that it didnt cause many damages. That can be really dangerous but exciting to see

elsie said...

That picture looks real good like it would will the pulitzer prize but home the damage was controlled

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich that looks dangerously beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The pics look real good! how can something dangerous look so good! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word!! Truely amasing pics. As dangerous as that storm looks, it makes me want to have been close.