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17 August 2009

You Thought You Had a Bad Day

Have you ever had a really good day? I'm sure you have. Have you ever had a really great day while all of those around you have had a horrible day?

Spare a thought for Charles Coventry. Who is he? Until yesterday, he was a man very few people had heard of. Charles Coventry is a Zimbabwean cricketer. Yesterday, he came in to bat at number 3 against Bangladesh in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He proceeded to score 194 runs in a one-day international (ODI) match, which equals the most runs ever scored by a single player. Unlike the player whose record he equaled, Charles Coventry was 194 not out.

Then Bangladesh batted. Unfortunately for Charles Coventry, though he scored 194 runs by himself, Zimbabwe as a team amassed only 312 on a placid wicket. Bangladesh, led by Tamim Iqbal's career best 154 runs, easily chased down the 312 runs needed to win with 13 balls remaining.

So in short, Charles Coventry sat a world record, and his team still lost! And you thought you had a bad day.

Charles Coventry

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Anonymous said...

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I have one problem with your argument though. You cannot try to distort the food cycle just because you are a vegetarian. The plants are also alive and I do not suppose you eat them alive or when they are still standing in the garden. I am sure at some point you cut them or uproot them so in a way you kill them to make them fit for your consumption. The only difference is that they do not produce a sound to express pain so it’s considered okay to kill plants. Talk of conserving the environment, never mind the global warming. I think shooting is the most human way of killing an animal for slaughter because it’s less painful/not painful at all so please do not compare that with drowning or electrocuting a dog! There are vegetarian fast foods too. I have an observation too: despite many Americans being vegetarians, they are still obese and eventually die of heart problems at very tender age and they also tend to get sick often which I think has nothing to do with diet. I think the key issue here is eating in moderation and regular exercising.
Then again this is just my opinion….