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11 September 2009

Health Care Reform

I have watched President Obama's speech and have to comment.

First, I just called my Congressman and Senators (from the UAE) to let them know that I support health care reform that includes a public option. You can use this site to get the phone numbers for both of your Senators and your Representative. I urge you to do the same or write a letter/e-mail to them. We need to let our voices be heard on this issue. Talk to the staffers manning the phones. If your Representative does not agree with President Obama's plan, you will likely hear several examples of malapropism and a total obfuscation of the issue. I just called Representative Wittman. Patrick answered my call. He was very helpful. He informed me that Representative Wittman "supported cheaper health care, health care for all who do not have it, and support a safe and secure health care system using the established system." Barack Obama has said on his website that his plan will provide stability to the system, lessen the cost of health care, and provide insurance to those who do not currently have it. So in short, Rep. Wittman supports President Obama's plan as long as the established system is kept intact. In other words, health care reform is fine as long as big health insurance companies, the pharmaceuticals, the medical equipment companies that charge a ridiculous amount of money for their products, and the doctor's who are getting rich off of the current system all continue to benefit. Thanks, but no thanks.

I also made a contribution to a Political Action Committee that is trying to unseat Joe Wilson...the noisome Representative who yelled "liar" during last night's speech. How anyone who voted for Bush could call Obama a liar (can you say weapons of mass destruction) is beyond me. I am urging everyone to do the same and try to unseat Representatives such this. For more information you can check out ACT Blue and click on the link for Rob Miller. Help Rob Miller defeat Joe Wilson!

Nomadic Richard

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