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28 December 2009

I'm upset with the Indianapolis Colts

Many of this blog's readers do not understand nor follow American football (I'm not talking about soccer). They have one of the greatest players in American football history (Peyton Manning) and have been a model of success for the past decade or so.

This season, which only has one game remaining, they had gone through 14 games (there are 16 in a season) undefeated. They had not lost a single game. Yesterday, they were leading the New York Jets and then decided to substitute most of their best players. They lost. Their reason? They wanted to rest their best players for the playoffs and a chance to win the Super Bowl.

I have a serious problem with this logic. Only two teams in the history of American football have ever gone through a regular season undefeated. The 1972 Miami Dolphins, who went on to win the Super Bowl, and the 2006 New England Patriots, who lost the Super Bowl. Thus, the Colts had a chance to do something rarely done. Yet, they decided to forgo that opportunity for a chance to win the Super Bowl. Every year, someone wins the Super Bowl. Rarely does a team go undefeated. In short, the Colts passed on a chance to be one of the greatest teams in history to help their chances of being the best team this year.

I don't understand this logic. I thought the object of sports was to win. I thought the object was to win every game. The Colts logic was flawed! While I am not saying I won't root for them, I am saying that I won't be sad if they lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl. Not that it really matters...as it's just a game anyway! :-)

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