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03 March 2009

The End of Cricket in Pakistan


Anonymous said...

I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I really hate the ICC. I mean following today's sad events in Pakistan I did expect the ICC action. Yet what I ultimately see/fear happening is the decline of Cricket in Pakistan. Out of site out of mind. So I simply ask... what is their plan B to keep the game fresh in people's mind? If their plans look anything like the ones they have had in the Caribbean.... Cricket is doomed. Shoot we don't have bombs going off and test cricket is still played there and still there is a decline so what's going to happen there when there is no cricket period.

My suggestions, for how save cricket would be:

1. ensure that cricket is shown on TV not simply satellite. This is one of the big things that is killing it in the Caribbean and to a lessor extent in England. (out of sight out of mind) Man they show more Darts on over the air TV in England than cricket and they wonder why no one from the caribbean community is playing it here anymore and with free over the air american sports how can you complete when you expect people to pay for cricket...Damn Sky sports and Rupert Murdock but ultimately it's the ICC who keeps taking the money instead of thinking about what's best for the game.
2. They should double or triple their efforts at the grass roots level...if they even have any efforts!
3. They will need to find a way to keep the PCB paid. If not the only organizing body with disappear and with it organized cricket there.

But given their track record I don't hold out much hope.
Just my 2 pence.

Shoot if they had some forward thinking people they would be introducing it in Afganistan given its popularity there with its cultural similarities with india and pakistan. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Richard the Nomad said...

Afghanistan made it to qualifying tournament that will compete for the last few spots at the next World Cup. I totally agree with your points.

My point about how bad the ICC is revolves around their lack of development of the game in areas where it's already popular in Africa and Europe. Look, they should be pumping a ton of money into Namibia, Ireland, Scotland, Zimbabwe, and especially Kenya. Kenya needs to be a test playing country. If Bangladesh is a test-playing nation, then Kenya should be. Kenya has been far more successful at the One-day version than Bangladesh. What has been their reward? Zilch. They hardly even get to play except during World Cups. It's pathetic really. There really needs to be a plan to develop up and coming nations into test playing nations. I feel like there should be a three-tiered system in place for tests.

As of right now, there are 9 test playing entities. I think that the top three associate nations should be added to the mix (Kenya, Zimbabwe, and either Namibia, or Ireland) to form tier 3. The bottom three, along with Bangladesh would have to play each other most of the time, however they would have one shortened series every cycle (four-years) against each team in the next tier above them (West Indies..unfortunately, New Zealand, England, and Pakistan), who would form tier 2. These four-teams would play a majority of their matches against each other but also at least one-home and away full tour against the teams above them. The top four-teams would form tier 1: (Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and India) would only play each other and the teams in the 2nd tier.

Further down, there should be a 2nd 8-12 team group with Netherlands, Namibia/Ireland, Afghanistan, Uganda, Canada, Bermuda, Scotland, Cayman Islands, USA, and China. They should play full tours against each other in both test, ODI, and 20-20. After a four-year cycle the progress could be gauged against a standard and possible elevation of the top non-test playing sides (tier 3) to test-playing status could occur. Something like you have to win two-series in a four-year period against a team in a tier above you or 4 tests against such a team.

Once a team is finally "promoted", which could take years, another one from a lower level could be added. Alternatively, a team in the 2nd group of 8-12 teams could gain promotion to tier 3 if they demonstrated that they could compete on such a level with the Kenyas, Bangladesh, etc.

This require vision, something which the ICC is clearly lacking. They really need to poach Sepp Blatter from FIFA.

Anonymous said...

mmm...Quite enlightening...(Out of sight out of mind)....